Empower Your Conga Voice


Conga 4090 is able to talk instead of just beep to us, so here it is a guide to get it


  • A rooted conga

At writing time, we just test in 4090 conga model, in other model some people already experimented some trouble. Please, do it just if you know what are you doing.


It is a good practice to do a back up if all the files we are going to handle, so:

  1. Access to the robot

    ssh [email protected]<Conga IP> 
  2. Perform a config file backup

    [email protected]:~# cd /mnt/UDISK/config
    [email protected]:~# cp device_config.ini device_config.ini_bak
  3. Edit customer_firm_id=1003 in device_config.ini to 1002 via the vi editor

    [email protected]:~# vi device_config.ini

    Editing with vi is not easy to explain in just a few words, but the basics for this exampel could be:

    1. Press Insert button
    2. Move with the cursor to the character we want to edit
    3. Change it
    4. Press Esc and then :wq to save and exit
  4. Now we are able to stop the services and proceses

    [email protected]:~# /etc/init.d/robotManager stop
    [email protected]:~#  kill -9 $(pidof Monitor)
    [email protected]:~#  kill -9 $(pidof RobotApp)
    [email protected]:~#  kill -9 $(pidof log-server)
    [email protected]:~#  kill -9 $(pidof everest-server)
    [email protected]:~#  kill -9 $(pidof AuxCtrl)
  5. Finally, we restart the service

    [email protected]:~# /etc/init.d/robotManager start

Learning chinese

By default the robot will speak in english, but it is able to “magically learn” mandarin just editing the property sound_type from 2 to 1 in the same file device_config.ini

Other models

This steps should be similar in all the 3XXX and 4XXX robots but, as you may think, it depends on how works Robotapp in those models.

If you want to try for the model 3090, you need to update deviceFirmsID=1003 to 1002 in both files:

  • /etc/sysconf/sysConfig.ini
  • /mnt/UDISK/config/sysConfig.ini