Empower Your Conga Voice

Goal Conga 4090 is able to talk instead of just beep to us, so here it is a guide to get it Requirements A rooted conga At writing time, we just test in 4090 conga model, in other model some people already experimented some trouble. Please, do it just if you know what are you doing. Steps It is a good practice to do a back up if all the files we are going to handle, so: [Read More]

Hey Google Clean My Room

Goal Say “Hey Google, clean my room” to trigger your conga to clean that room Requirements Valetudo integrated into Home assistant Defined zones in Valetudo (or segments) Google assistant integrated in home assistant Vacuum domain exposed from home assistant to Google assistant Steps Once you already know your zone IDs (under info button in zone section from Valetudo), yoy may have to create a script in home assistant to trigger that action in valetudo. [Read More]